This Police Chase Is Explosive

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What was the driver thinking?

Just when we start believing maybe we’ve seen it all, some crazy dashcam footage out of Kenosha, Wisconsin proves us dead wrong. That shouldn’t be surprising since Kenosha for some reason behaves more like a GTA server than a real city according to Donut Operator, but this footage of an elderly driver in a minivan that’s caught fire continuing to drive away from police at low speed is just unreal.

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At the beginning of the video, it looks like the front driver’s-side tire is gone and the minivan, which is tipped in that direction with the absence of rubber on the road, is also sparking with the metal-on-pavement contact.

If you don’t know, one of the big dangers of driving on your rims is not only will you bend and ruin them, you might ignite something in your chassis. We’re not sure finally exploded – it could’ve been power steering or brake fluid, maybe even a fuel leak – but whatever it was just flared up and left quite the trail of inferno behind this minivan.

One would think between all the fire and two police units with lights and sirens trailing behind the driver would’ve stopped immediately. Instead, he just keeps rolling down the road, slowly but surely. Finally, he pulls over onto a curb as the vehicle is almost entirely engulfed in the flames.

Both officers were yelling at the driver to get out of the car and somehow he stumbles through the flames just as one of them approaches his door. Another moment and the driver might not have survived. Police, like firefighters, are made of tougher stuff than most people who would run away from a burning inferno that could explode, not towards it.

Somehow, the elderly man who says his name is Donald wasn’t burned. We don’t know how that’s even possible, save by a miracle alone. He seems a little dazed and it’s concerning what led up to the fire, but we’re glade the guy and all the officers are okay. Donald was more concerned about his money clip and other things he had in his pockets, almost like he didn’t almost die. Amazing.

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