Stolen Rolls Royce Dominates LA Streets

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It is the apex predator of public roads.

When a suspect stole a Rolls-Royce Phantom in Los Angeles County back on August 23, people were understandably amused. After all, it’s not often we see such an expensive vehicle stolen and used to flee from police. But the real story here is how this car thief reasserted the status of Rolls-Royces as the apex predators on Los Angeles roads.

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If you’ve ever been near or even had the privilege of riding in a Rolls, you probably have immediately realized they aren’t small cars. Just like how the industrialists a century ago gravitated to monstrosities on wheels to ensure they could push around anyone on public roads, the British ultra-luxury vehicles are absolute tanks.

As the suspect wended his way through side streets in Los Angeles, he muscled around a variety of vehicles, including other luxury brands. But what was most entertaining was how he showed Tesla drivers their zero-emissions virtue was nothing in comparison.

Sure, Teslas are porky little cars, but a Rolls-Royce is far more imposing. One Tesla driver tried to challenge this alpha car but was immediately smacked down, reminded of the public road pecking order which will not so easily be subverted in Los Angeles. Let this be a stark reminder to all Elon Musk acolytes: the Rolls will not be trifled with to any degree.

Also, who in their right mind wouldn’t do everything in their power to not get in an accident with a Rolls-Royce Phantom? Can you imagine telling your insurance you hit one, stolen or not? You’d be dropped like a hot potato and good luck finding another carrier who’ll touch you for under $1,500 a month after that!

The only driver who didn’t automatically bow to this fleeing thief was a city bus driver, and we all know why. We’re pretty sure another driver who almost got into a collision with this Rolls apologized and offered some Grey Poupon to the fleeing thief, who graciously declined.

Ultimately, the driver parked in one of the parking garages in downtown, making for a crazy end to quite the unusual police chase. Also, it’s great to hear the helicopter pilot get some guff from the reporter riding with him as the anchor tries to smooth things over.

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