Watch Multiple Agencies Coordinate To Stop A Stolen GMC

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If you’re going to steal a car and drive it around, we advise you don’t do so in Arkansas. After seeing Arkansas State Police at work, they don’t hold back on people who try running from the law. This suspect riding around in a GMC Acadia learned that the hard way when she didn’t stop for North Little Rock police and they called ASP for help. Let’s just say the end result wasn’t exactly pretty.

Check out a well-preserved relic of 1980s high school car culture here.

She had to know it was coming after an officer followed her from Circle K to a catfish and hot wings restaurant parking lot and back out onto the road. Instead of just pulling over and facing the consequences of her actions, she decides to slowly drive away as if she’s just heading off to shoplift some Lululemon and have a relaxing day.

That North Little Rock officer just drove nicely behind her, essentially escorting the suspect through intersections as if she were some sort of VIP. Then she makes a big mistake and gets on the interstate, otherwise known as ASP’s favorite hunting ground. Still, she keeps her speed at a reasonable rate as if she’s a responsible citizen.

But when ASP shows up on the scene, she punches the SUV to over 80 mph, perhaps recognizing she’s no longer dealing with a poodle. That’s not nearly enough to prevent the trooper from almost immediately doing a PIT, sending the stolen GMC spinning into the median divider. That hit’s enough to get her to pull over and finally surrender.

There are people who are commenting that ASP doesn’t help victims of car theft get their vehicle back in good condition. We know from sad experience that many insurance carriers will have your title branded if your ride is stolen, so it’s just the same for the victim as if the car were totaled in an accident. Yes, that might sound crazy, but considering how thieves and the people they sell these vehicles to treat them, it’s probably for the better.

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