C8 Corvette Leads South Florida Police On Crazy Chase

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We already knew the C8 Corvette Stingray is a legitimate performance machine but two suspects who ran from law enforcement in Broward County, Florida demonstrated just how hard they are to catch. Reportedly, the mid-engine sports car was stolen and it appears the driver treated it as such.

Watch a guy crash his rental C8 Corvette most gloriously.

According to local news reports, the chase of this C8 Corvette began in Miami Gardens but ended near West Park. Numerous law enforcement agencies, including Florida Highway Patrol and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office coordinated to finally stop the elusive suspects.

Image via WPLG

Police finally cornered the C8 Corvette in a residential area. A man and a woman were shown in local news footage sitting by the car with their hands cuffed behind their back. Law enforcement officers were obviously searching the car for evidence, including the frunk.

WPLG said the man and woman tried to bail and run away on foot, a tactic we see often in police chases. It seems their strategy didn’t work so well. Car thieves should be working on their cardio daily if they want to pull that trick.

There were zero reports of injuries from the long chase. The Torch Red C8 Corvette looks to be in okay condition considering. We can’t vouch for it mechanically or otherwise, but the exterior doesn’t look obviously damaged from the news camera shots. That’s always a big win considering how many stolen cars are trashed, especially during a police chase like this.

Even if you don’t own as cool or expensive of a car as this C8 Corvette, keep in mind thieves might want to take it anyway. People steal vehicles for a variety of reasons, so taking extra steps to secure yours is always a good idea.

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