This Is Why You Should Wear Your Seatbelt

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A suspect in Arkansas turned a simple traffic stop with a state trooper into fleeing and eventually his own funeral. It’s obvious the suspect wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, something we see all the time in pursuit videos, but it cost him his life.

Police dog gets special recognition for catching car thieves quickly.

After pulling over for the trooper, this guy does the old trick of taking off once the cop is out of his cruiser and walking up to the Mopar. That’s apparently to give the person fleeing a head start but we don’t recommend doing it. We also don’t recommend running from police at all since like in this case it can be fatal.

Maybe it’s not relevant, but the vanity license plate on the Challenger is interesting. It reads “AGE IOU” and we wonder if it’s genuine or not. Could that have been in part why this guy ran?

This guy really boogies out of there, literally burning rubber as he shows what the Dodge can do. It’s obviously a Hemi model, so it can do plenty. Unfortunately, a lot of guys behind the wheel think they can handle that kind of power but lack the actual skill to keep it reigned in when pushing the envelope like this.

The chase appears to go from the highway to some two-lane backroads where the pavement isn’t quite so even. When you’re dropping the hammer on that kind of blacktop it’s easy to suddenly lose control. And that’s exactly what happens here. Since the guy isn’t wearing his seatbelt, he’s ejected at almost160 mph.

People are asking why this guy wasn’t belted in. Well, we’ve seen over and over that many thieves or those who know they’re rolling around in a stolen car (which we don’t know if this Challenger was or not) like to keep seatbelts off so they can jump out at any moment and take off on foot. They see it as a way to keep a leg up on the cops. But if the car wrecks out and they’re not wearing a seatbelt, well you see how well that worked for this guy.

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