Dodge Challenger Hellcat Delivery Will Make You Cry

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Oh the stories we and so many others could tell about horrific car transport service mishaps. Add another to the long list with this absolutely awful unloading of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. How someone who’s supposedly a professional can screw up this badly is a mystery, but we know it happens and more than most people would suspect.

Proof you can outrun all the police in a Dodge Hellcat.

In the video which was posted to Instagram by americanmusclehd and we’ve embedded for your viewing pleasure, we see the Mopar muscle car being slowly rolled off a trailer by some guy who clearly has no idea what he’s doing.

The transport “professional” leaves the driver’s door open as he starts to slowly let the car roll off the trailer with some “ramps” to help it reach the street surface. The first sign of trouble is the ramps look shockingly similar to two-by-fours.

If you have any experience loading or unloading vehicles of any kind from a trailer, be they muscle cars, motorcycles, or ATVs, you know this is a dumb idea. And sure enough, at least the board nearest the camera slips out of place as the weight of the trailer shifts.

Instead of putting the parking brake on and repositioning the board, or getting real steel ramps like a professional might use, the guy just goes for it. In a low-slung muscle car. Commence the internal screaming.

This absolute disaster of a delivery goes about as bad as you might expect, with the Hellcat falling off the back of the trailer, probably doing some damage to the front splitter and such. We get to see the rear bumper cover get ruthlessly ripped off by the back lip of the trailer.

And this, kids, is why we’re extra choosy about which car transport service we use. Sure, some might be cheaper up front, but it’s nonsense like this that makes the true professionals worth every penny.

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