Ferrari Roma Falls Down Elevator Shaft

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Firefighters in Palm Beach, Florida recently responded to a call where a Ferrari Roma fell down an elevator shaft. For sure that’s a weird thing to see, but given all the craziness of Florida Man and everything else in the state, this still might not have been the most unusual call they’ve received. Still, the situation seemed precarious and required creative problem solving skills to retrieve the fallen Ferrari.

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Before you start wondering how a Ferrari or any car could fall down an elevator shaft, just know this incident happened at a luxury auto dealer in the city. At that dealership is a car elevator, not a regular one you usually ride in buildings. That elevator apparently malfunctioned, which was how the Ferrari Roma became stuck in the shaft.

Considering a 2023 Ferrari Roma has a retail price starting at $243,260 this was one expensive mistake. The GT model is of course a 2+2 and offers plenty of power on tap via a turbocharged 3.9-liter V8. Since this car went down the elevator shaft rump first, the engine and transmission should be fine.

Before removing the Maranello stallion from the elevator shaft, firefighters had to deal with a fuel leak. To do that, they had to set up portable standpipes to drain away the fuel spilling out, an ingenious move made in a difficult situation. Firefighters also cut power to the dealership to prevent any little spark from igniting and instant inferno.

From there, firefighters used a crane and chains to pull the Ferrari Roma out of its tomb. While the back end looks to have sustained some serious damage, we’re sure this beauty isn’t heading to the scrap heap. Still, a branded title is likely, but there are probably plenty of people who would jump at the chance of ownership.

Images via Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

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