Dog Stops BMW Thieves

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A man in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey credits his dog for scaring off thieves who wanted to steal his $100,000 BMW. This is part of a larger theft trend in the area and elsewhere in North America as well as other parts of the world.

Postal worker allegedly races a Mustang.

Thieves, many of them teenagers, have moved from hacking into cars like Kias, Hyundais, and Dodges into stealing models from brands which feature better security. As vehicle owners have caught onto the signal boosting hack, criminals can’t do that attack as effectively, leaving one alternative.

They’re breaking into homes, stealing keys, then driving off with the target car. That’s scarier than the other methods from the past because people are home and asleep when this happens, making for a home invasion robbery.

But that man in New Jersey says as two teens were about to use crowbars to break his window and get into his house, his barking dog scared them off.

Dogs are great for security, among other things, because they can alert you about intruders and some will even attack someone who tries coming into the house. Criminals know this, which is why many of them will take off as soon as they hear a barking dog in your home.

Even though the guy told News12 he believe his dog saved the day, he also expressed a desire to sell his Bimmer so he isn’t targeted for theft again. We’re not sure that will do that trick since thieves will also take less fancy cars.

In the meantime, Woodbridge Police Director Robert Hubner blamed state laws for being too soft on teenage thieves. We’ve heard this sentiment many times as theft rings have recruited kids, fully knowing they can get caught and will often be released with few consequences.

Changing laws to crack down on teens who steal cars could help bring the theft trend to an end. The big question is will lawmakers in different states pass that kind of legislation?

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