Camaro Driver Shows Police Dashcam Footage Of His High-Speed Chase

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Those Flock government surveillance cameras that some people say are Big Brother watching your every move were just used to track down a Camaro driver who successfully ran from police. Then after cops showed up at this house and arrested him, the guy showed police his dashcam footage of the chase.

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We know if any of you are a criminal defense attorney or have had enough dealings with police you’re cringing right now. But this guy handed the keys to the kingdom over without a fight.

According to a WSB report, the officer heard a loud exhaust while monitoring traffic for speed violators on Lenora Church Road in Snellville, Georgia on the morning of February 26. He clocked a silver Chevy Camaro blasting by at 101 mph in a 45 mph zone.

After turning on his lights the suspect in the Camaro kept on going, weaving in and out of traffic to get away. At one point the guy flipped a U-turn and that’s when the pursuing officer got a good look at the driver’s face even though he couldn’t keep up with the muscle car.

The old saying is you can outrun the cops but not a radio. We think that should be updated to “you can outrun the cops but Big Brother is always watching.” Police immediately accessed the Flock camera system and found where the Camaro went next, also getting the plate number so they could pull the registration.

Sure enough, they found the guy sitting in the idling Camaro in his driveway. After he was arrested and taken back to the station that’s when police asked him if he had footage from the dashcam they saw in his car on his phone. He told them he did, then unlocked his phone and showed police footage of the chase.

Maybe the guy felt bad about what he’d done. We’re not fans of people who run from police, weave through traffic, and act like selfish jerks while endangering everyone else’s lives. But also we’re shocked the guy just handed over the evidence like that.

Now 28-year-old Basil Baby is facing a felony fleeing or attempting to elude police charge. And investigators have some pretty solid evidence against him.

Image via Snellville Police Department/Facebook

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