Another Street Takeover Spectator Gets Hit

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Why do people attend these?

For years now we’ve been sounding the alarm about the dangers of street takeovers, which by the way aren’t attended by real car enthusiasts. The illegal gatherings are magnets for all kinds of crime from drug deals to human trafficking. There’s also no shortage of violent assaults at street takeovers, including shootings. But one of the most common risks is spectators getting hit by out-of-control cars. It’s happened again, this time putting a teenager in Tustin, California in the hospital.

Watch street takeover participants help themselves to some free stuff here.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, police are on the hunt for the driver. These cowards never stick around and see if the person they mowed over is okay or turn themselves in to authorities later. The report says the takeover was going on the night of July 28 when at about 11:40 pm a dark sedan that was doing burnouts slammed into the crowd.

The unnamed teenager reportedly suffered from several broken bones and was transported to a hospital in stable condition. Not shocking to us, the teen was recording the takeover on a phone and local news station KTLA 5 got the footage, which we’re sharing with you. From that they have an image of the sedan that did the hit and run.

Spectators at street takeovers often get as close as they can to the vehicles doing burnouts, drifts, and donuts so their shots are extra exciting. This is all in a quest to get more likes when they upload the footage to TikTok, Instagram, or other social media platforms.

Police really threw down the gauntlet when they showed up to this takeover, at least compared to a lot of other police responses to these events in California. The report says 51 cars were towed out of the 300 they found parked at the illegal event. They also had to deal with fireworks being shot off and laser pointers.

Don’t let your kids go to street takeovers, or as some call them “sideshows,” because they can be deadly. The amount of lawlessness on display that these impromptu gatherings is scary. We hate that these fools are giving real car enthusiasts a bad name while putting innocent people who just want to get around their city at risk. People have been attacked for trying to drive through intersections these punks have taken over. This has to stop.

Images via Tustin Police Department

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