Army Veteran Drives Stolen Humvee Into Fort Stewart Building

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He’s looking at some hard time for the crime.

Back on July 10, an Army veteran who was visiting Fort Stewart in Georgia stole a Humvee, driving it into the front doors of the 3rd Infantry Division’s headquarters on the base. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but Treamon Lacy is facing federal charges for the incident.

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We’re told stealing a military vehicle like a Humvee isn’t difficult at all, especially if you’re familiar with them. We’re assuming the 39-year-old, who served until 2013, had working knowledge of the vehicle. He was allowed on the base as a veteran and authorities haven’t indicated what might have been his motive.

Understandably, at the time of the crash some were concerned it was the work of a foreign agent, possibly a terrorist. However, it seems the theft and subsequent damage to the building was an isolated incident instead of one part of a bigger plan.

There was another incident of a military Humvee stolen recently. Someone scaled the fence at a California National Guard armory in Sonoma County, crashing through the gate using the stolen vehicle. That was also back in July. Police have been unsuccessful in tracking down the Humvee or the person responsible for its theft.

We really hope this trend of stealing Humvees doesn’t continue for multiple reasons. For starters, theft and damage of government property ends up costing us, the taxpayers, sooner or later. Also, we hope to be able to scoop up some Humvees as they’re decommissioned, so we don’t want loser criminals to ruin the market and our fun.

Also, having an armored vehicle able to roll over all kinds of obstacles just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing we want criminals to use on public roads.

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