Automotive News Underground 11/4/2022

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Here is the automotive news you might have missed this week.

Everything seems to be volatile around the globe, and yet somehow the US auto market is overall on the climb, against all odds. That’s not the craziest thing going on but it is surprising and nobody seems to know how long it will keep up or what it truly means.

1. Mini wants you to learn stick.

Sadly, a lot of drivers these days don’t know how to handle anything with a third pedal. To correct that and get people excited for the fact Mini is actually trying to save the manual transmission by using them in new cars, the British/German automaker will be offering a Mini Manual Driving School in California. Sadly, this is where we’re at in 2022.

Read more about it here.

Learn how you might go overlanding in an EV here.

2. Automakers pull the plug on Twitter, for now.

General Motors is the most prominent example of an automaker which has pulled paid advertisements on Twitter since Elon Musk completed his purchase of the site last Friday. It’s not clear if GM and other advertisers will return later since they’re being coy or diplomatic about the whole thing. No doubt they’re weary of how they might be supporting a dangerous rival.

Read more about this story here.

3. Not exactly layoffs, but still interesting.

Some big automakers are pressuring workers to take severance packages or buyouts, particularly for their salaried workforce. Among the prominent examples are Ford and Stellantis. While the auto industry is chest thumping about strong sales and asking why everyone is talking about a global recession, moves like this should make you stop and wonder what they really believe is coming down the pipeline.

Read more about this here and here.

4. Tesla Autopilot manslaughter trial set.

All eyes will be watching a trial set for November 15 in Los Angeles involving a charge of manslaughter for a driver who was using Autopilot in his Tesla. This is the sort of legal test that’s been talked about theoretically for years and could set quite the precedent going forward.

Learn more about the case here.

5. BMW CEO bristles at criticism.

If you’re seen BMW’s out there designs lately, you might be wondering just what’s going on with the Bavarians these days? Well, BMW’s CEO seems a little bit sensitive to the criticism, claiming the new design language is supposed to appeal to new buyers who aren’t already BMW fans. Yeah, that’s great, but what about alienating BMW’s very supportive base?

Read more on his hot take here.

Lead image via Mini

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