Chevy Blazer Gets Absolutely Demolished During Police Chase

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Maybe the frame was rusty?

If you own an older car or live in the Great Lakes area, checking structural members often for rust and addressing any serious issues could save your life. That’s the best explanation we have for why this old Chevy Blazer absolutely exploded after an Arkansas trooper did a PIT during a high-speed chase. Rust kills, but thankfully the driver of this old SUV lives on.

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First of all, trying to outrun police in a rickety old Chevy Blazer was just a bad idea. Has this guy seen what they’re worth these days? We doubt he cares, but values for these things are just soaring lately, although not so much for this generation. But still, that makes watching any old Blazer get destroyed just crazy.

Also, an SUV that’s designed primarily for off-road duties doesn’t make for a great on-road getaway ride. We see criminals consistently use the wrong kinds of cars to run from cops, but we also understand they’re working with what they have. But what if they just pulled over and faced the consequences of their actions? What a strange concept.

There were signs of serious problems with this Chevy right from the beginning of the dashcam footage. The thing is so rickety it’s swaying back and forth and death wobbling like a drunken sailor. Plus, the spare tire is strapped to the roof rack. We’re assuming its usual mounting location was too corroded for it to hold the spare anymore.

Also, are those bullet holes in the very dented tailgate?

At 87 mph any PIT or TVI isn’t going to be pretty. But anyone running in the state of Arkansas should also know this is what they’re going to get. Just usually cars spin out, maybe roll, and that’s about it. This Blazer instead decides to give up the ghost.

Rust kills, kids.

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