Detroit Camaro Driver Shot Dead

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What a way to go.

Vehicular violence has become all too common in many areas, including Detroit. Yet another incident unfolded back on May 22 at around 3 am when the 28-year-old man driving a Chevy Camaro was shot dead by someone in a Range Rover. It’s a sad situation police see far too often.

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According to a local report from WDIV, the Camaro driver crashed into a pole after he was hit multiple time by live rounds. When first responders arrived, he was pronounced dead on the scene.

There was a passenger in the Camaro, although the report provides zero details about that person’s age or relationship to the driver. No mention was made of any injuries to that person, so they likely escaped unscathed.

It’s possible the situation was road rage spun completely out of control, but the report doesn’t even give a hint at motive, the same as the few other local reports. Another possibility is that the shooting has to do with gang or other criminal activity – that would help explain why so few details were provided to the media by Detroit police.

Sadly, whatever the cause of the shooting, it’s a good reminder that a 3 am few people on the road are out doing legitimate things. While there might be some individuals driving to or from work, most are either looking for trouble or are drunk. The risk you might fall victim to some sort of violence if you’re out at that time increases significantly.

Hopefully police are able to find the person who shot this 28-year-old man to death as he drove down a public road. Whatever the reason for the shooting, it’s likely completely unjustified and the person who did it needs to be held accountable.  

Image via WDIV

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