Dodge Thinks They Own Your Car

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Good luck modifying your vacuum cleaner!

Dodge is a brand that enthusiasts around the world know and love dearly. Nobody’s really sure exactly what makes Dodge great: is it vast history, the dedication to performance, or even the good looks which has stuck with the brand for almost a century? Actually, if you were going to try and pinpoint exactly what makes Dodge so popular, you’d be pretty crazy to try and ignore their fanbase. Well, that’s exactly what Dodge did with their electric Charger Daytona, but not for the reason you might think.

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If you haven’t heard of the electric scooter that is the electric Dodge Charger, then sincerely, we envy you. It takes everything that Dodge stood for in stomps on it, all well producing sound reminiscent of a donkey stepping on a pile of nails. At first, Dodge blamed it on the corporate structure of Stellantis, and somehow we all believed them. However, Tim Kuniskis, Dodge’s current CEO, has recently come out with a statement in which he essentially says fans that made the brand great in the first place don’t know what they’re doing and need to be charged up the ass end for simple upgrades.

It’s funny because Dodge has even made commercials in which they showcase all of the coolest cars to come out of the Mopar modifying communities. One after the other, pictures of enthusiasts who knew exactly what they were doing showcased some of the baddest examples of custom cars out there. Now Tim Kuniskis has essentially come out and said that those great people who built those incredible cars didn’t know what they were doing and shouldn’t be trusted to pick their own parts. This all comes after Tim Kuniskis said “Now, we don’t want to lock the cars and say you can’t modify them, We just want to lock them and say modify them through us so that we know that it’s done right.” The truth of the matter is, once a vehicle leaves an auto manufactures dealership, that’s where the manufactures influence on the car should end so as not to create a monopoly on the modification of automobiles. Just like pretty much every other car company, Dodge is starting to show that they care a lot more about profit than they do about the art that they create.

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