Edsel B. Ford II Attacks Church For Anti-Abortion Display

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The heir to the Ford family legacy has some controversial ideas on the subject.

St. Paul Catholic Church in Grosse Pointe, Michigan has set up a display on its front lawn to raise awareness of alternatives to abortion, but Henry Ford heir Edsel B. Ford II complained to the manager. No, that’s not a joke, the guy went full-Karen, writing a pointed letter to the Grosse Pointe city manager threatening to put up his own pro-abortion display in his front yard, according to Detroit Free Press.

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This is such a hot topic because voters in Michigan will have Proposal 3 in front of them next month. The statewide ballot measure would amend the state constitution to enshrine abortion protections as law. Both those opposed and for the measure are pushing hard to sway voters.

According to the report, Edsel called the signs and crosses in the church’s front yard “controversial” as if it’s shocking Catholics don’t support terminating pregnancies. He reportedly couched his argument in accusations that the church’s display violated the city sign ordinance in some way, even though he didn’t specify how exactly.

Had the church’s front lawn display praised abortion, we wonder if Edsel would’ve complained. Instead, after he wrote that letter, Detroit Free Press says City Manager Shane Reeside immediately flew into action, taking steps to ensure the signs conformed to municipal ordinance.

When Detroit Free Press contacted the church, it affirmed that leaders “carefully followed pertinent laws and city ordinances when assembling lawn displays.” That includes the “controversial” crosses and anti-abortion messaging, probably because they realized someone would take issue with their First Amendment exercise.

Still, Reeside told the church it needed to change the dimensions of one of the signs to comply with code. To comply with municipal code, the display was taken down on Wednesday of this week, so you won’t be able to see it if you’re in the area.

Evidently, Cynthia Ford, Edsel’s wife, sits on the board for Michigan Planned Parenthood. This is what has come of the Ford family legacy, from industrial titan to complaining to the manager because someone has a different opinion.

Source: Detroit Free Press

Photos via Facebook, Detroit Free Press

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