Big Street Takeover Busted In Houston

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But police caught shockingly few people.

Street takeovers have become quite the problem in recent years, thanks to the trend which started in California spreading like a cancer across the nation and even overseas. Houston has become a hotspot for the practice and it seems law enforcement is trying to do something about it. Recently, a huge takeover event was broken up by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, although the ultimate result seems a little disappointing.

Watch a wild police chase involving a Polaris RZR here.

According to a local news report, over 200 cars were involved in the street takeover event. That doesn’t mean 200 cars were ripping smokey burnouts in an intersection. Instead, people who show up for these will use their vehicles to help block off the intersection and make it difficult for police to get to where people are “stunting” for everyone else to see and record.

After the tire smoke settled, deputies reportedly arrested three people, including a 13-year-old kid. The driver who had that minor in his car was arrested for child endangerment. The sheriff’s office shared a photo of an S197 Mustang about to be towed away, demonstrating the fate of anyone caught participating in these events.

Sadly, plenty of people taking part in the illegal show got away, for now. Before anyone says this is all just harmless fun, people are pretty regularly killed at takeover events. They’re also magnets for other crimes, including human trafficking and drugs. This isn’t the kind of thing you want going on in your community.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook to ask people to report street racing or takeover event. Law enforcement can’t be everywhere so sometimes citizens have to step up to help shut down this problem. As we’ve said many times before, street takeovers aren’t for real car enthusiasts.

Source: Fox 26 Houston

Image via Harris County Sheriff’s Office

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