Sheriff Employee Charged With Insurance Fraud

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Not a great idea.

Braxton Tyree Cotton, chief of staff for Cobb County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia, has been charged with insurance fraud, shocking many. According to Insurance Journal, an investigation concluded the 41-year-old lied about the circumstances of an accident involving his Corvette.

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The claim Cotton made was that his sports car was involved in a hit-and-run, filing not only a police report about the incident but also an insurance claim. It sounds like someone with his insurance company wasn’t convinced, so they started digging.

By putting together video footage, cellphone data, and other sources, the details of Cotton’s story didn’t add up. That’s the thing with fabricated stories: the more truth you begin to learn about a situation, the less they make sense.

Faced with the growing weight of the evidence, Cotton apparently folded and admitted he hadn’t been truthful about the accident that damaged his Chevy Corvette. The man admitted a woman he knew hit his vehicle but since he didn’t have insurance coverage at the time he decided to report the incident as a hit and run. Police visited the woman’s home and found evidence corroborating the story.

We can only guess Cotton thought he was being a nice guy by letting this woman off the hook. While it might have been the nice thing to do, filing a false police report and insurance claim is illegal and comes with consequences if you’re caught. We’re constantly amazed at the stupid things men will do to impress women, but we don’t know if that was the situation here, although it certainly would make sense.

While Cotton is facing at minimum three felony charges, the investigation is ongoing and he’s considered innocent until proven guilty. However, Cobb County Sheriff’s Office has placed him on administrative leave.

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