Stolen Dodge Charger Leads To Murder Suspect’s Arrest

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It’s worth pursuing stolen cars.

Some people, including law enforcement officers, seem to think finding stolen cars is almost a waste of time. Considering how creative thieves can be about hiding them, it’s easy to see why they have that attitude. But the thing is stolen cars can help police dig up evidence for other crimes. A prime example comes via police in Fayetteville, North Carolina when finding a stolen Dodge Charger Scat Pack led to the arrest of a murder suspect.

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According to police, the owner of the Mopar called police for assistance and was able to use a GPS device to track its location to a house in the area. We know some departments are so busy with violent crime they won’t do much of anything in this situation, which is sad, but Fayetteville cops decided to pay the house a visit.

When they arrived, the evidence was plain as day. The Scat Pack was sitting by five other Dodge Chargers in the yard, raising suspicions they were dealing with some fairly prolific thieves. That’s when they decided to do a “seize and freeze” on the residence and tried contacting the people inside, who didn’t respond.

Officers found a side door was unlocked and opened it, announcing who they were and that a seize and freeze was being performed. That’s when a male suspect decided to the best thing to do was hightail out of there, so he jumped out a back window but forgot to bring his speed because cops chased him down quickly.

It became apparent why the guy ran when officers identified him as 21-year-old Jocephus Jones. The guy had a warrant for first degree murder, and now he’s getting additional charges for car theft and more. There were three other people at the house and one, 21-year-old Haley Wheeler, had a warrant for Fleeing to Elude.

This is why following up on stolen car reports whenever possible is a good idea. Usually, car thieves are breaking other laws as well.

Images via Fayetteville Police Department

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