Stolen Ford Mustang Hits Stolen F-250 In Fiery Crash

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The 16-year-old Mustang driver’s mother blames “the system” for “failing” him.

A stolen Ford Mustang collided violently with a stolen F-250 in a Bradenton, Florida neighborhood on July 2. The police department indicated the crash, which amazingly didn’t kill anyone, even though the collision resulted in the Mustang becoming engulfed in flames. The truck was hit so hard it flew through the air, hitting a house’s roof before landing on its side.

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According to police, 12 vehicles were stolen from a local auto body shop on the morning of July 2. As you might have guessed, the Mustang and F-250 were among them. At the time of the crash, investigators had recovered nine of the stolen vehicles. The next day they were able to track down two more.

The mother of the 16-year-old boy who was driving the Ford Mustang got a call while she was in church about the incident. She claims her son was a frequent runaway and had many problems, but blamed police and “the system” for “failing him” by apparently not preventing this incident. That’s an interesting take, one that many are assailing as a symptom of a deeper problem.

It sounds like the Mustang driver has some pretty serious injuries, including having his jaw broken in several spots, requiring his mouth to be wired shut. While we’d love to believe that will give him time to reflect on his life choices, we also have seen kids do similar things only to continue on that pathway once recovered.

Often these days cars are stolen by teenagers, not adults, a fact which surprises many. There are a few reasons for this trend, one of them being theft rings which have been recruiting minors since they know authorities will go easier on them. Something needs to be about the problem, or multiple somethings, because it seems to only be growing worse.

Images via Bradenton Police Department

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