The Dark Tale of John Paul Sr.: Racing, Crime, and Mysterious Disappearances

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What a twisted tale.

Organized crime and the world of racing have shared a sinister connection since their inception in the early 1900s. From the notorious origins of NASCAR during the Prohibition era to the captivating life of racing driver and drug smuggler Randy Lanier, instances of illegal activities intertwining with racing have been documented. However, none of these stories are as gripping and horrifying as the tale of John Paul Sr. Within the racing community, John Paul Sr. gained notoriety for his involvement in unlawful drug trafficking, eventually making him the most wanted man in racing history after being linked to multiple disappearances. Undoubtedly, this man had a bloodlust for anyone who stood in his way, but the full story behind these missing persons remains shrouded in mystery.

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In the beginning, John Paul’s life appeared promising. Accepted into Harvard, he graduated with a business degree, started a family, and ventured into racing during the 1960s. However, 1972 proved to be a challenging year for Paul as his wife left him, taking their son with her. This led John to temporarily abandon racing until 1975. When he returned, he discovered that his son had also developed a passion for the sport, leading to a successful father-son racing team. While this may seem like a heartwarming tale of familial reconciliation and shared enthusiasm for cars and racing, there was much more lurking beneath the surface.

Despite Paul Sr.’s success as a hedge fund manager, he lacked the financial means to support his racing career. To address this issue, he involved himself and his entire family in the drug trafficking business. Following a brush with the law, Paul was spared severe punishment, receiving little more than a $32,000 fine. However, this incident sparked concern regarding his associate, Stephan Carson. In a shocking turn of events, John Paul would later track down Carson and shoot him multiple times, including a point-blank range encounter.

Remarkably, Carson survived the attack, leading to John Paul pleading guilty to attempted first-degree murder. This resulted in a 25-year prison sentence, from which he nearly escaped in a daring prison break attempt involving a concoction of hot sauce and sawdust. In 1980, he entered into a relationship with a married woman named Chalice Benette, which culminated in marriage. Unfortunately, their union turned toxic, leading to a subsequent divorce. After the divorce, John embarked on a trip to Key West, Florida, accompanied by Chalice. It was during this time that he married another woman named Colleen Wood, who would tragically disappear during a trip with John Paul on his boat, aptly named “The Island Girl.” Finally, in 2001, John Paul himself vanished, leaving only rumors to speculate about his whereabouts. While some reports claim he is in the Bahamas or another island nation, the truth remains elusive. It is safe to say that wherever this menace may be, for the sake of everyone, he should remain there.

The story of John Paul Sr. is a chilling reminder of the dark underbelly that exists within the world of racing. It serves as a cautionary tale and a testament to the relentless pursuit of justice, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The mysteries surrounding the disappearances linked to John Paul Sr. continue to intrigue and disturb, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of racing history.

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