UK Electric Car Charging Costs Surge

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Suddenly one of the big selling points for EVs has been upended.

Life sure can come at you fast, with what seemed like a surefooted decision rapidly turning into disaster. While that’s not quite the case for electric car owners quite yet, with the cost of electricity skyrocketing in many countries, including in the UK, some are probably wondering if they made a wise decision.

See the damage a bear did to an unlocked Range Rover here.

After all, a report from AutoCar shows the cost of using a public charging station has increased over 42% in the past 4 months. That’s a sobering reality as the UK, Europe, and even North America stares down the barrel of a gun as it’s likely utility price inflation is far from over.

According to that report, Brits are spending on average £32.41 to charge a 64-kWh family car to 80% battery capacity using a rapid charger when the battery is completely depleted. Granted, most people are plugging in before all the juice is gone, but that’s not the point.

AutoCar says 4 months ago, it would cost only £22.81 to recharge the same vehicle in the UK. A year ago, the cost was just £18.81. This was why so many EV owners were downright smug about how little they spent to refuel their vehicle versus anyone who had a car with an internal combustion engine. Now the tables are turning.

Unfortunately, high energy prices affect everyone. For example, those with ICE vehicles in the UK can’t be too arrogant since they still have to literally keep the lights on at home, so they’re feeling the squeeze as well. With winter approaching, there are real concerns heating costs could put a severe strain on many countries as Russia threatens to cut off the flow of natural gas as punishment for aiding Ukraine in the war.

There’s disagreement over exactly what’s driving higher vehicle charging rates and how bad it will get in the future.

Source: AutoCar

Images via GM, Ford, Tesla

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