Watch A Police Chief PIT A Fleeing Dodge Challenger

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Leaders should lead by example like this guy.

In many larger law enforcement agencies, once someone reaches a certain rank it’s expected of them to never draw their firearm and never PIT a fleeing vehicle. That certainly isn’t the case with Hazen Police in Arkansas. With a population of under 2,000 people in the town, Hazen Police Chief B. Taylor is obviously used to rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty, like how we see him PIT a fleeing Dodge Challenger in this video.

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The situation started with Prairie County Sheriff’s deputies trying to stop the Mopar muscle car. Instead of complying, the suspect makes a run for it and at some point ends up on the highway headed straight into Hazen.

Hearing the deputies’ chatter on the radio, Chief Taylor jumps into action, running to his car and getting on the highway before the fleeing suspect causes a serious crash. He could have easily just ordered his officers to join in the pursuit, which he undoubtedly did, then sat behind his desk and monitored everything over the radio. Instead, the man went to work.

He caught up with the suspect in short order. In the video, we get dashcam footage first from one of the deputies’ cars and then from Chief Taylor’s. Both show a beautifully executed PIT that sends the Dodge muscle car spinning into the grassy median, ending the pursuit without further incident. The man is definitely not rusty when it comes to stopping fleeing vehicles.

The best way to lead is by example. That’s unfortunately something many don’t heed as they climb the ranks, and while there might be some good reasons for them to stay out of the trenches, it’s admirable to see a police chief who’s willing to do whatever he asks of his officers.

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  1. 1
    Matthew Lesniewski

    wow dodge officer risky their lives but very lucky if deaf driver make right turn and left turn where bad timing to be encounter. . that was amazing skills talent of police officer drivers i watched video . if there deaf driver in that video u be dead. it jus lucky in god workls the timing was right for u officer. so my suggestion u offcier to speak with Jeremey lietzen to understand and help deaf people go driver ed class what should u do when u see what u saw within 175 mph what should u do ? i stay put in my lane if u can see 2 ft or more than or can hear siren within a miles with hearing aid ? what should deaf do? theres alot safety concern to be need address with police officer . i am not against police officer no . i grew up deaf and eharing world even i am deaf and i have alot police officer in family also close friend and friend s. cuz i was kid i want be police officer .. i wanna reach out and help what should u do when u see rear mirror within unexpect into pursuit .

  2. 2

    yep he earned the right to drive the fastest pursuit vehicle in the state of AR…160 MPH!!!

    The state police vehicles do 135, with a few governed a bit higher at 145..

  3. 3
    The Auto Wire

    […] with a young man to chasing down a speeder with their emergency flashers activated. He ended up doing a PIT on the driver when she failed to pull over, only to find the woman was apparently rushing her dying […]

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