Watch A Porsche Panamera Get A Full Wrap

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It might not be that old, but it looks fantastic once the process is done.

We generally don’t think about restoring cars that aren’t classics, and the first-generation Porsche Panamera definitely doesn’t fit into the classic category. Some people are getting confused by a YouTube video out of the Pacific Rim that shows one getting a full wrap, thanks in part to what we believe is a language barrier issue. That doesn’t mean the video isn’t interesting to watch, because it absolutely is.

These cars aren’t wrapped – they’re painted to look like cartoons!

The title of the video is “Process Of Turning Old Porsche Into the New Car.” It probably makes sense in the native language of the person who wrote it, but for many English speakers that phraseology hints at a restoration process, not wrapping the body. Sure, a wrap can make a little older car look somewhat new, but nobody would say it that way.

You get to see the process of removing the badges and other trim pieces, including the side mirrors. This shop is quite thorough as it cleans the exterior meticulously, then measures everything before cutting the wrap by hand. That’s right, they don’t just buy a pre-made wrap kit, these guys are doing it the hard way.

We’d call this a fantastic ASMR car video, but there’s some smooth jazz playing over the top of the natural sounds of the wrap process. In a way we’d rather just hear these craftsman as they’re working without any soundtrack, but at least there isn’t some horrible electronic music put together by someone’s little brother, something that’s all too common on YouTube.

One thing this video should help reinforce is why getting your car wrapped isn’t supe cheap. If done right, the process is super involved but the results are fantastic. The Porsche Panamera sure looks new as it rolls out of the shop. We’ve seen plenty of do-it-yourself wrap jobs that look just awful, so paying a professional top dollar to have it done right makes sense if you care about your car’s appearance. That seems to be the whole point of wrapping any ride.

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