Woman Suffers Paranoia Episode Inside Stolen Car

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It’s not hard to understand why.

According to a report from NorthcentralPA.com, a woman was spotted stopped along I-80 near Buckhorn, PA on the afternoon of June 20. State troopers stopped to perform a welfare check and that in turn resulted in criminal paydirt.

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Initially, the concern was that the woman reportedly was suffering from some paranoia-fueled episode. Likely that kept her from continuing on her journey, wherever it was she originally was heading, hence why she was just pulled onto the side of the interstate.

If you’ve ever dealt with the police in a situation similar to this, you know they want to know who you are and what you’re doing. There are many reasons for this, but one of them is the fact that so many times they uncover a crime that’s been committed.

It turned out the Toyota the woman was in came back as stolen. Coincidentally, both the stolen vehicle and the 42-year-old are from Columbia, South Carolina. You don’t have to be Columbo to put two and two together here.

Perhaps the woman’s conscience caught up with her and she broke down, realizing she was victimizing some poor soul who was missing their Toyota? Or maybe she was doing some narcotics which spurred the paranoia episode? We don’t know, but surely there’s a deeper story here that won’t be released for some time.

The report mentions this woman was taking to a nearby hospital for both a mental health evaluation and for medical attention. That brings up even more questions to which we have zero answers. What we do know is stealing cars is a bad thing to do, Michael Jordan taught us to stay off drugs, and we’re hopeful this woman gets the help she needs while the Toyota goes back to its rightful owner.

Image via Pennsylvania State Police

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