Free Bird Goes To Jail After Driving Stolen Car Off High Rise

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That’s a special kind of thief…

What do you call somebody who steals a car, goes on a massive chase with police, and then completely destroys the vehicle that they just risked life and limb to obtain only to then be detained by the same police? Well you could probably assign many names to that sort of person, I prefer the goofy, yet accurate term, dingdong. Well, the prime example of a dingdong has recently been spotted flying by police by apparently driving the car off of a high-rise landing.

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Like an animal backed to the edge of a cliff, the driver responsible for stealing this vehicle had a decision to make. Would they hop out of the car, showing their hands, and accept defeat or would they try their luck driving off the edge of a 30 foot tall high-rise and hoping for the best? The thought that just ran through your head is quite an unfortunate one as we both know you know what happened next.

That’s right, instead of just surrendering and facing jail time, The criminal decided to ram the car through a protective barrier onto many parked cars and houses. God forbid any of these criminals thieves take anybody other than themselves into consideration with their antics. Along with the many thousands of dollars in property damage, there’s a man who can very visibly be seen pretty close to where the car landed. He got out of the way pretty quickly but that could’ve really ended badly had he not been as fast as he was. Anyways, the moral of the story here is to not steal any cars and start locking your doors.

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