Mechanic Dies Chasing Down His Own Tow Truck

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This is absolutely tragic.

Thefts of tow trucks is a trend we’ve been watching for some time now. While you might be keenly aware of criminals targeting Dodges, Kias, Hyundais, as well as certain luxury brands, what you might not know is many are constantly itching to boost a tow truck. Unfortunately, one mechanic died while in pursuit of his stolen tow truck, shining a light on the unfortunate crime trend.

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According to a report by The Telegraph, 31-year-old Kenneth Lee Hawkins was chasing the stolen 1995 Ford Rollback in his Dodge Ram pickup in Murray County, Georgia on April 24 at 4:30 am when the two trucks collided, fatally injuring Hawkins. The 47-year-old suspect survived the crash but was transported to the hospital with severe injuries.

Before that fatal accident, investigators concluded the suspect stole the tow truck from a house in neighboring Whitfield County. However, Hawkins was alerted to the theft and gave chase. It’s not clear if there was an alarm on the truck or what alerted the owner at such an early hour in the morning.

Car thieves have learned that with a legitimate tow truck they’ve stolen, swiping cars becomes much easier. Most people don’t ask questions when they come in the middle of the night and scoop up a car. They can even steal vehicles in broad daylight without arousing much suspicion at all.

An obituary for Hawkins highlights a loving family man who would readily help strangers or anyone else in need. An ASE certified mechanic, he worked at different shops before he finally opened his own garage called Blue Oval Automotive and Performance. He obviously had an affinity for Fords and was known as “The Mustang Man.” He sounds like a great guy. And now he’s dead after trying to stop someone from stealing his hard-earned property.

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