CT Teens Steal And Crash Maserati

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They were arrested after causing a three car crash with the stolen car.

Officers received a call at 1:35pm on a Monday afternoon when a Maserati was involved in a hit and run, come to find out, that luxury SUV had already been reported stolen from a nearby town. Shockingly, after colliding with the two other cars, the boys decided not to stick around to see if they might have just murdered some innocent motorists, and fled the scene.

Watch a stolen Hellcat get ambushed by police here.

Responding officers took the teens into custody at a separate location, where they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, along with the people in one of the cars they hit with the stolen Maserati. Rafael Rivera, 18, and a 17-year-old boy, unnamed since he’s a minor, are just the latest in the line of fine young men terrorizing suburban towns with stolen cars.

It’s reported that Rivera already had outstanding warrants, although he is barely even an adult, and the officers suspect he used the Maserati in other criminal activities; it’s believed to be the same vehicle that a evaded police in an attempted traffic stop the weekend prior to the crash. During that incident, the Maserati gave the officers the slip, and they couldn’t locate it after they canvassed the area. 

The minor criminal was charged with theft of a motor vehicle, criminal trover for the offense of damaging the stolen car, illegal possession of cannabis, and interfering with an officer. 18-year-old Rivera was also charged with evading responsibility, reckless driving, failure to maintain proper lane, operating a motor vehicle without a license and passing in a no-passing zone. 

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