Strict Emissions Regulations Are Facing Growing Opposition

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Increasingly strict car emission limits in the United States and Europe are facing growing opposition, with developments which are shocking and angering those who feel civilization itself is on the brink of destruction.

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In the US, as reported originally by The Detroit News, over 150 Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives are asking that EPA Administrator Michael Regan walks back the emissions standards the regulatory agency has proposed recently. Already, we covered how automakers are balking at the aggressive move which the EPA and Biden Administration openly acknowledge would force about 67% of consumers into EVs by 2032.

Those Representatives delivered a letter to Regan, saying the aggressive new emissions standards as proposed by the EPA are “unworkable and impractical” which is similar to what the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, a lobby group which represents many major automakers, said last week. Lawmakers opposed to the stricter regulations went so far as to say regulators are engaging in “deliberate market manipulation to prop up EVs.”

Meanwhile, eight member countries in the European Union are pushing for lowered car emission standards, a fight which has been brewing for months. Similar to what GOP lawmakers in the US have been arguing, these countries’ representatives say the push toward electrification is being done in an unrealistic way.

According to Reuters, these eight nations sent a jointly drafted paper to other EU members, arguing that parts of the new emissions standards law should be entirely done away with. For those who believe we’re on the verge of a climate apocalypse, that’s unnerving if not enraging. After all, driving cars that burn fossil fuels will kill everyone, but driving cars that are fueled by energy generated by burning fossil fuels won’t.

As we’ve been predicting, the closer these government restrictions are getting, the more pushback is coming from even inside the auto industry. Considering the cost and impracticality of many EVs, it’s really no surprise. However, EV enthusiasts who seem to think others’ concerns are just a bother aren’t taking these developments well at all. Apparently, they can’t enjoy their electric toys unless everyone is forced to play with the same thing.  

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