10-Year-Old Steals Buick To Visit His Mom

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They grow up so fast!

Michigan State Police faced an unusual situation on May 27 when they were informed a 2017 Buick Encore crossover had been stolen by a 10-year-old suspect. The boy and vehicle departed Buna Vista and headed toward Detroit, where his mother lives, in effort to pay her a visit. However, he didn’t get far.

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According to MSP, the agency originally learned of the theft from OnStar, GM’s in-vehicle service, which had been in contact with the Buick’s owner. OnStar gave troopers the location of the crossover as it traveled south on I-75, but when units pulled up behind the 10-year-old, using their lights and sirens, the child refused to pull over and surrender. They learn so young.

However, the kid didn’t realize OnStar has the capability of gradually and safely bringing a stolen vehicle to a halt, which was the next move. Facing the looming threat of apprehension by law enforcement, the grade schooler decided to do the only thing his mind could comprehend: run for it.

Now we know unfortunately some cops aren’t in great shape, but we’re pretty sure Michigan State Police keeps their rank and file in good condition. They were able to chase the stubby-leg kid down and take him into custody without injury. We call that a major win.

While all this was going on, dispatchers fielded a number of 911 calls after drivers saw the child behind the wheel of the Buick. It’s great to hear so many people were looking out for the kid’s safety as well as that of other drivers, even if the juvenile didn’t appreciate their concern.

As for the little suspect, we hope he gets the necessary help. People on Twitter had thoughts about his not living with his mother, but all that is pure speculation we’re not getting into because we quite frankly don’t have enough information to make any judgments.

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