Washington Cops Crack Down On Ferry Road Rage

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Apparently it’s becoming quite the problem.

Some scofflaws in Washington State, more specifically the Edmonds area, have decided waiting in line for the ferry is for the birds. According to Fox 13 Seattle, there’s been an increase in line cutters, something you might remember from grade school. Those who have been waiting in line like good citizens are getting pretty fed up with the rule violators, sometimes using violence to try to force compliance.

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The old saying is you don’t get to use violence to make people do the right thing because the government doesn’t like competition. While that’s a funny joke, in this instance police aren’t taking the situation lightly.

Washington State Patrol, Edmonds Police, and the ferries are coordinating to crack down on line cutters. They’re also hoping to discourage people from taking the law into their own hands through road rage. My, what a time to be alive.

The fine for cutting in a ferry line is $139, so it’s not a cheap stunt if you get caught. There’s also a saying that fines are rules only for the poor, so that might be a little bit of what’s going on here. Drivers can tattle on each other for a violation when they get up to the ferry booth, but we wonder if there isn’t a preponderance of evidence before the financial punishment is applied.

A reporter from Fox 13 Seattle says the whole situation “almost seems silly” but she’s wrong, it is silly. Why the problem has escalated so much in Edmonds isn’t apparent. Maybe people in other parts of the state just know how to be courteous and don’t think ferry lines are a life and death situation?

The big concern is with the summer season and an increase in traffic, if authorities don’t drop the hammer now and crack down on line cutters for the ferry in Edmonds, incidents of violence will skyrocket.

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