Thieves Steal Children’s Pedal Cars

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There are no limits to the spread of crime.

Car theft is really out of control all over the US and many other nations. Not only are criminals swiping Kias, Hyundais, and Hellcats left and right, they’re now targeting pedal cars from children’s attractions. That’s right, Bedford Safety Town in Ohio was recently hit by thieves who took the pedal cars beloved by countless kids.

A teenager who crashed a stolen car into a home has been charged with murder.

The theft was announced by Bedford Safety Town on its Facebook page back on June 15. Apparently, someone took four of the pedal cars, but the staff were able to recover two of them. According to a report from WKYC, the toys were left in a gated-off enclosure, the entrance locked. Someone found a way over or under the fence and transported the pedal cars out that way.

Two of the cars were ditched by whoever took them, with staff thinking the thieves didn’t like them as much because they were smaller and older. The remaining two cars are worth about $150 each. Bedford Safety Town did file a police report, so hopefully they turn up soon.

As of the writing of this article, there has been no announcement about the recovery of the pedal cars. Safety Town has been asking for cash donations so they can be replaced so the kids don’t have to miss out. Since Safety Town is run in Bedford for just the first two weeks of each summer break, it’s critical to either recover or replace the stolen pedal cars.

We know some people will think this is just a petty crime, probably kids just messing around. We did dumb things as kids, but we also were taught stealing is wrong, whether you’re taking something expensive or cheap. It’s likely these pedal cars were taken by minors who should be old enough to know better. Next they’ll be stealing Kias and then on to even more serious crimes, unless they learn their lesson.

Image via Bedford Safety Town

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