Hawk-Eyed Car Theft Victim Uncovers Crime Operation

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The keen-eyed owner saw his car and got his justice…

With the crime statistics of big cities continuing to grow and seemingly spread to the outer reaches of the country, drivers are starting to get pretty anxious about their car’s safety. This particular citizen had his own vehicle taken from him by a man who apparently had a pattern of this sort of thing before. In fact, as everyone would soon find out, the thief responsible for this crime was running a fully blown crime organization. Better known as a chop shop, the suspect’s home has allegedly been used as an area to disassemble parts from and sell stolen cars for months if not longer. Here’s how he got shut down, could this mark a new era for those who want to protect their cars?

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What we mean by that is perhaps similar victims might follow along the same lines as the individual responsible for dismantling the criminal operation and the man behind it. Essentially what happened is that the guy who stole all of these vehicles was parking the cars at his house where he would tear apart anything he could sell or scrap, also keeping some cars mostly intact presumably for his own enjoyment. In a bout of what seems like pure luck, the owner of one stolen Infinity vehicle spotted their automobile sitting outside the house and we think you can guess what happened from there. 

Carlos War, the man behind all of the infamy, was raided leading to multiple charges pertaining to the possession of stolen property. Inside, multiple guns and a lot of ammo was found with one Beretta handgun having been reported stolen. Outside the house, you can clearly see multiple disassembled vehicles waiting to be parted out with various tools and pieces of the vehicles scattered throughout the front yard. This is a great story which emphasizes why you should definitely have a tracker on your car  and always keep an eye out for criminals who might want to take advantage of your stuff. 

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