C7 Corvette Z06 Gets Mangled By Parked Toyota Tundra

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Oh this one really hurts!

Parking on the side of the road can be an adventure considering most people are bad at it. While it’s no uncommon for some lovely driver to bump your car with their ride, what’s worse is when someone like this Toyota Tundra driver absolutely destroys your beloved vehicle. The hitch on the full-size pickup truck absolutely mashed the hood and pulled off the front bumper of a C7 Corvette Z06, enraging many enthusiasts across the internet.

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Video of the situation shows the owner of the C7 Z06 Corvette backing up and ripping off the front bumper thanks to the truck’s hitch receiver catching it. What a lot of people aren’t focusing on is the obvious damage to the bumper and hood that was done before the video begins.

It’s assumed the Tundra backed into the Chevy. We don’t think a Corvette driver would rearend a full-size pickup while parking, unless their foot slipped or they suffered a medical emergency. It’s more likely the truck owner did the damage and we have to wonder if he just walked away afterward.

People are asking why the C7 Z06 owner didn’t jack the lifted truck up, then back up. It’s doubtful the guy had a jack tall enough for the truck, it’s possible the Tundra owner refused to do such a thing, and it’s also entirely possible the Chevy owner decided the damage was already done. We just hope whoever is responsible will be dealing with the repair costs, or at least their insurance will.

At least in this case the Tundra owner didn’t keep the tow ball attached. We’ve seen guys do that and use it to smack vehicles they don’t like in parking lots, which is a real jerk move. Still, if you’re driving a big truck, something we do and have done frequently in the past, you need to be careful when parking because of the damage you might do.

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