This Guy Ran From The Police For His Birthday

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He told deputies he was bored.

On their birthday, most people go out for dinner with friends or family, maybe do a fun activity, and then they go home to open presents and call it a night. Then there’s Florida Man or at least this man in Florida who decided to speed down Palm Coast Parkway in Flagler County with his lights turned off. We guess just like grief, everyone processes their birthday differently.

Florida man runs from the cops, then tells them he wasn’t actually driving.f

As the sheriff’s deputy chased him down, the suspect accelerated to over 95 mph at one point. That’s pretty fast for traveling in a 45 mph zone. But as the deputy pulled up to him, the suspect decided to turn on his lights, slow down, and even throw on his left-turn signal as he moved into the turn bay.

Maybe the guy thought he was fooling the deputy? It didn’t work because the deputy had a lock on that Hyundai, sticking right behind it until the suspect pulled over. At least he didn’t think his gerbil-mobile could outrun a cruiser.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a suspect act put out that a law enforcement officer isn’t cuffing him quickly enough. This guy stands facing away from the deputy and folds his arms, looking like a slightly inconvenienced customer at Wendy’s who’s waited for their burger two minutes too long. He even tries lecturing the deputy, who shuts him down immediately, telling him to stop talking. That’s some pretty solid legal advice or something.

The guy then acts like a toddler caught raiding cookies in the kitchen, slumpingly walking backwards to get cuffed, being difficult about getting into the backseat of a cruiser, and just being sulky in general. Later, we learn it’s his birthday and he can be mopey if he wants to as well as go more than double the speed limit. The guy can also face some criminal charges on his birthday, finishing his celebrations in a jail cell.
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