Stolen Tractor Chase Ends At Waffle House

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All things lead to Waffle House.

Low-speed chases have got to be one huge disappointment for police, but at least one in Hapeville, Georgia ended in the parking lot of a Waffle House. We’ve been told by law enforcement that high-speed chases can be quite entertaining, even though they’re dangerous, but some of the same people have also told us kicking in a door as part of a warrant is also fun – go figure. We imagine driving slow to catch a tractor wasn’t all that fun for the cops.

Watch Florida police chase down a murder suspect, with a shocking conclusion.

Some guy led police in Hapeville on a chase using a stolen tractor back on the morning of July 13. We respect the fact the guy was determined to get away slowly, but like so many criminals he didn’t stop to consider if he should lead police on a chase with an inappropriate vehicle. As the old saying goes, if you’re going to do it, do it right at least!

WSB-TV says the pursuit didn’t even reach the speed limit as Hapeville police caught up with the tractor thief while College Park officers were already trailing behind. That tractor reportedly had a lawn mower in tow to boot.

The report says police tried to stop the tractor, but we’re not sure. Do you throw out spike strips? Do those even work on tractor tires? We really don’t know to be honest. Eventually, the suspect flipped a slow U-turn and that’s when police tried block him in so he tried hitting them.

When that maneuver didn’t work, the guy did the only sensible thing left, turning into a Waffle House parking lot. Officers followed, got out of their cars to force the cab open, an that’s when the suspect full-on hit one cruiser. Before an officer was able to stop the rampage, the suspect hit a second vehicle. Officers reportedly pepper sprayed the suspect, identified as Matthew Fortune. Police say the tractor never broke 20 mph.

We hope after they processed the crime scene and the suspect, officers ordered that secret off-menu breakfast sandwich at Waffle House because they earned it.

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