Unlicensed Driver Does A Wild Hit-And-Run In Florida

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Then she plays the victim.

We bring to you today a crazy video compilation of police responding to a hit-and-run accident, tracking down the fleeing party, then hearing all about how the unlicensed driver who caused the collision was really the victim. In other words, it’s just another day in the stressful life of a law enforcement officer.

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It seems like many people who break the law when caught know how to instantly portray themselves as the victim. This kind of thing sadly is becoming too common, so sadly it’s not entirely shocking to see this woman who ran a stop sign, absolutely creamed another car, and kept on driving then proceeded screamed at a police officer when caught that someone hit her, not the other way around. This is why having a dashcam could help sort things out if there’s ever a question of who was at fault in an accident.

Thankfully, in this situation the police know what really happened right from the beginning. Instead of the woman’s tears working to portray her as a helpless victim, they confirm that she doesn’t want to take any responsibility. Considering she did a hit-and-run, that’s really not shocking.

It turns out this woman initially ran from a traffic stop. As she told the officer, she panicked when she saw the cop car turn on its lights behind her. Since she doesn’t have a license and she was driving, she knew what would happen if pulled over. So she ran a stop sign, hit another car, and just kept going. But she keeps insisting in the video that the other driver hit her, so she’s actually the victim. Who even does that?

Fortunately, it seems the other driver wasn’t seriously injured in the crash. The front end of his crossover is absolutely demolished, but the passenger cell held up against the Saturn wrecking ball, so that’s good. Hopefully the guy doesn’t have any long-term difficulties because of this woman who just doesn’t like accepting responsibility.

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