Infiniti Driver Didn’t Survive Running From Maryland Police

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What a way to go.

The Attorney General’s office for Mayland has finally released the shocking dashcam and bodycam footage of a fatal pursuit involving a suspect in an Infiniti. On May 20 at about 5 am, officers from the Montgomery County Police Department were called to check on a man sitting in a car in the middle of a road. A series of events ended that early morning with the death of 37-year-old Lawrence White of Washington, DC.

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As you can see in the footage, officers document the scene and try to get a response out of White. However, one of them spots a gun in his lap, causing them to back off. That’s when you see the brake lights illuminate as officers more cautiously try to get the man to put his hands up and step out of the vehicle. They also pull a cruiser in front to try keeping the Infiniti stationary.

Instead, White hits the car behind him and struggles to get out of the trap. One officer places a Stop Stick behind the Infiniti’s rear tires. But White pulls forward and takes off, maneuvering around the cop car in front of him as officers scramble to give chase.

One of the officers is able to catch up after White flees on the highway for some distance. Probably in an effort to ditch the police who were right behind him, the guy swerves his Infiniti around an SUV, but cuts over too soon, sideswiping the larger vehicle and sending his car into a spin toward the right shoulder.

The Infiniti hits the retaining wall and spins back, hitting the SUV again before almost being hit by two pursuing police cruisers. The car behind the lead pursuing officer calls out “bailout, bailout” because he saw White exit the vehicle. Sometimes pursuit suspects jump out of a vehicle and try running on foot, but in this case he was thrown from the Infiniti. That’s blurred in the video because it proved fatal for White.

Bodycam footage shows there isn’t much of the Infiniti left after that helicopter maneuver at speed. What a way to go.
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