Google Street View Driver Runs From The Cops

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Think we’ll get to see the chase on Google Maps?

These days it seems like everyone’s running from the cops and seeing that a Google Street View driver did just that in Middletown, Indiana sure is helping fuel the feeling. According to police, on July 31 at about 5 pm the chief, not an officer, was the one who initiated the pursuit. The only thing that would make this situation weirder would be if Bigfoot were found in the cargo area.

Woman ran from the cops because her mother was dying.

Middletown Police Department says Chief Landon J. Dean determined the Google Street View vehicle was going well over 100 mph on US 36. As you can see in the photos, the vehicle is clearly identified with wrap and has all the camera equipment on a roof tripod, plus California plates.

We assume traveling over 100 mph while mapping out a road isn’t standard procedure for Google employees, but we also have zero experience with this sort of work, so who knows? One thing’s for sure, the local police chief didn’t take kindly to the speeding vehicle, so he gave chase and caught up. Yet the scofflaw driver persisted.

During this chase, police say the Google vehicle passed other slower drivers. While it slowed down at an intersection, the little crossover just blew through the red light. We can’t wait to see the dashcam footage.

Unsurprisingly, it was a turn that took the errant Google Street View vehicle out. Leaving the road as the driver lost control, it went through a residential yard and ended up in a creek. Now other drivers will know not to go that way because it’s been thoroughly mapped.

When police pulled the driver, a Coleman Ferguson with a Florida driver’s license, he told them he was scared to stop. It’s almost like this anti-police campaign from a few years back has fueled the current trend of people running instead of pulling over.

Ferguson has since learned that running from the cops like that will pick you up a nice felony charge. We’re sure his employer has quite the legal team, so it’s doubtful he’ll face much of a punishment in the end, if any at all.

Image via Middletown Police Department

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