Old Biker Dude Is The Hero We Need

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Watch his videos and your day will instantly be better.

Because it’s part of our jobs, we watch plenty of YouTube videos every day. Sometimes that can be draining considering many are stressful, frustrating, or overly dramatic. While we have to cover those kinds of topics, it’s true that if you stare too long into the abyss it starts to stare back into you. That’s when Old Biker Dude came to the rescue.

See how Good Samaritans stepped up to help bring a peaceful stop to a wrong way driver.

The grey haired, mustached man who is an old guy with a motorcycle launched the simple, wholesome channel just two months ago. He stated in his 23-second first video that he would be riding his motorcycle, going camping, and fishing. There are plenty of channels dedicated to these three topics, but none of them are Old Biker Dude.

We originally ran across Old Biker Dude not because YouTube suggested one of his videos. Instead, we saw a meme about the man living out the last days of his life enjoying God’s beautiful creations before his time came. At that time, Old Biker Dude was getting just a handful of views per video. The person who created the meme asks a simple question: Can we change his life?

People have responded in a big way in just days. As of the writing of this article, Old Biker Dude has 194,000 subscribers. YouTube likes to delete subscribers when fraud or “bots” are suspected, because at one point this man hit 200,000 subscribers. We think he deserves a million and would love to see him hit that number.

To thank his hundreds of thousands of new subscribers attained in short order, Old Biker Dude held a “story time” on a folding camp chair, as he often does. He read the story of his and his wife’s astonishment at his channel’s viral success, using handwritten notes stuck inside a book with a brown paper bag cover that read “Old Biker Dude.” It’s one of the most heartfelt thank you videos we’ve seen on YouTube and we believe this is the true reason he’s become so popular.

Too often, YouTube is a place for the fake. Influencers who pretend they’ve made it rich off their channel when really their daddy has bankrolled their lavish lifestyle are common, fooling naïve youth into believing they can do the same. There are pranksters who film strangers in public as they pull “jokes” that are actually quite cruel. And then there are the commentators who extol to you their virtues and explain why everyone who disagrees with them is a devil deserving of harsh punishment. None of these uplift anyone.

Old Biker Dude is just himself: wholesome, non-divisive, grandfatherly. He’s simple and genuine in the most positive of ways. The swift success he’s enjoyed hasn’t gone to his head. Remember, this is the same man who did a hypnosis video to get more subscribers and shook a sign on the side of the road for the same purpose. He was content with his 100 or so followers but was looking to add a few more through silly antics. We need more online personalities like him.

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