Random Guy Dumps Tires In Woman’s Driveway

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And she got cited by the city for it.

A woman in Atlanta got a huge shock when she woke up one morning to find almost 100 tires illegally dumped at the end of her driveway. That’s the kind of situation that would perplex just about anyone and understandably so. Even worse, the city dropped a notice warning the woman to remove the tires from her property within 24 hours or face a fine.

This guy could’ve really used those tires.

Local station WSB-TV2 spoke with a neighbor who didn’t want to be identified but saw what happened and got it all on camera. This person said a man towing a trailer stopped and dumped the tires, stating that they were weighing the trailer down too much and he would be stranded if he didn’t. That sounds like a whale of an excuse to us.

In case you don’t know, if you have a bunch of tires you can’t just dump them wherever. Instead, there are specific places that will take them, for a fee. We’re willing to bet this guy knew that and didn’t want to be out that money. So he just pulled up wherever looked good to him and dropped them right in someone’s driveway.

If that seems like a jerk thing to do, we agree that it is. What’s worse, this woman who fell victim to the illegal dumping scheme is a cancer patient and so needs to leave often for doctor appointments. But it’s not like the guy who dumped the tires cared.

From the report, it sounds like the woman was able to straighten things out with the city, but it’s going to take days before someone can remove the tires from her property. Thankfully, her landscaper stacked them away from her driveway so she at least isn’t trapped at home in the meantime.

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