Win A 2023 Corvette Z06 70th Anniversary Edition

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The Auto Wire readers get extra entries in this special sweepstakes.

Getting a brand new 2023 Corvette Z06 70th Anniversary Edition seems next to impossible, but you have the chance to put one in your garage thanks to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association. The American supercar has enchanted many with its good looks and incredible performance, so demand for it is strong. As a reader of The Auto Wire, we’re giving you the chance to get extra entries in the sweepstakes for your charitable donation.

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With the Z07 Performance Package included with this C8 Z06 Corvette, it’s dialed in and ready for serious fun. A 5.5-liter LT6 V8 with flat-plane crank sits behind the seats, not only helping provide finely balanced handling but also a blazing 2.6-second 0-60 time. That kind of speed is no surprise considering this ‘Vette puts 670-horspower at your command. Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes keep that power in check for a well-rounded sports car. Thrilling times make for great incentive to enter the sweepstakes.

The lucky winner will get to sit in attractive two-tone leather GT2 seats with red seatbelts, enjoying that feeling of being cradled softly along with their favorite passenger. Since it’s a 70th Anniversary Edition, this Z06 is extra special, making for a modern collectable with impressive details.

Just as key, you can feel great knowing donation goes to a good cause, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association. The organization holds world-class vintage automotive events as fundraisers to help autistic and intellectually/developmentally disabled individuals with residential care, treatment, and support. Making a donation by entering the sweepstakes helps support this worthy effort.

We’re giving all readers of The Auto Wire 40% more tickets for the sweepstakes simply by using this link. Feel free to share it with anyone who might be interested in this special 2023 Corvette Z06 70th Anniversary Edition and supporting the Pittsburg Vintage Grand Prix Association.

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