Indiana Man Gets Prison For Police Chase

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Who would’ve thought running from the cops comes with consequences?

So often we cover police chases and how suspects are stopped as they try fleeing, but we don’t get to see what ultimately happens in court. Many of those cases are settled out of court and kept fairly quiet, but one chase that took place in Michigan involving now 24-year-old Luis Trevino has resulted in the man going to prison.

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Surprisingly, the pursuit didn’t take place a year or even a few years ago but happened back on February 19, 2023. Trevino was behind the wheel of a 2017 Dodge Charger that had an improper or expired tag, says WTVB. Instead of just pulling over when a Branch County deputy tried stopping him in Coldwater, Michigan, Trevino took off.

What so many drivers who flee don’t understand is they lack the training for high-speed runs on public roads. Police in at least some departments are drilled on this very thing, plus their cruisers are hopefully well-maintained and ready for high-speed action. We think there’s a reason so many who run from cops are young: they lack experience and think their middling car and middling driving skills are both the best around.

Obviously, Trevino didn’t get away, despite pushing his Mopar to over 120 mph. Instead, he lost control making a left turn, sheared a utility pole in half, and crashed into a building in downtown Bronson. So much for those stellar driving skills.

Trevino did strike a deal with prosecutors, pleading guilty for third degree fleeing from a police officer in exchange for the charges of assaulting, resisting, and obstructing a police officer being dropped. He was ordered by the judge to be incarcerated for 16 months to five years. Depending on where you sit that’s either a good or bad deal. We’re just glad to see someone face some consequences for running from police instead of just probation.

Image via Branch County Sheriff’s Department

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