Car Thief Calls Police On Himself

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Does this count as filing a false police report?

Being a law enforcement officer is a demanding career, especially when absolutely bizarre stuff happens. Deputies in Wood County, Wisconsin faced just that kind of situation after a high-speed chase with a suspect in a car that was reported stolen only moments before. The weird part was that the guy driving the stolen car was the one who reported it stolen. Piecing together that puzzle required skill and patience, which is why crime scenes aren’t wrapped up in five minutes.

Police found a hot air balloon and other oddities raiding a property with stolen cars.

The whole video opens like so many others with deputies trying to initiate a traffic stop only for the suspect to drive off as they approach. Leading law enforcement on a chase, the guy accelerated to almost 120 mph in a stunt that could’ve easily proved fatal for him, the deputies, or innocent bystanders.

That’s why deputies decided to PIT the fleeing vehicle, which ended up on its side in a ditch by the road. With firearms and tasers drawn, deputies ordered the suspect out of the vehicle. It all plays out like such a typical situation.

After apprehending the supposed thief, deputies were able to determine the person who called 911 about their vehicle getting stolen and the driver of the car were in fact the same individual. That’s quite the plot twist and leads us to question the sanity of this guy. Deputies were able to determine the suspect wanted to get in a high-speed chase with them for whatever reason and that he was recently diagnosed as schizophrenic.

We sincerely hope this guy gets the professional mental healthcare he obviously needs. Nobody in a good place would do something like this. It’s concerning that anyone in this kind of mental state might seriously hurt or even kill another person, whether intentionally or not, living out their odd fantasies.

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