Radical Environmentalists Plowed By Chevy Silverado

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People are fed up with the activists and their roadblocks.

Video footage of radical environmental activists putting up a roadblock on a Nevada highway, which was rammed by a Tribal Ranger’s Chevy Silverado, has caused waves online. It starts off as the same scenario you’ve probably seen time and again with people sitting in the middle of a road with banners and such, holding up traffic to try calling attention to their pet cause. Only this time it ended with law enforcement dropping the hammer hard.

Look at the ridiculous car theft deterrent Toronto police are promoting here.

One of the rangers pulls up and gives the protestors 30 seconds to remove their roadblock, which includes a trailer, from the road. Some of the activists have chained themselves to the obstructions thinking that would stop anyone from removing it. They were wrong, because not long after another ranger in a Chevy Silverado plows right through the middle of the roadblock as other rangers pull up.

That’s when the rangers start arresting all the radical environmentalists in the road. As people watch this scene unfold, they ask why other law enforcement agencies here and in Europe don’t just arrest people who sit in the road and are obviously breaking the law. It’s a good question.

We’ve seen in other more recent protests motorists have taken matters into their own hands, forcibly removing protestors from the road. One recent protest in Washington, D.C. featured people yelling at the activists about how they have to go to work and pay bills. We have to wonder if the protestors truly understand what that’s like or if their trust funds cover such inconveniences.

As you can see in the YouTube video we’ve included, the line of dozens and dozens of cars sitting on the highway in Nevada seems to stretch on for hundreds of feet, eventually building a mile or so by the time the road is clear. That means all those cars, trucks, and RVs are idling, which is when an internal combustion engine is running the least efficiently. But these activists don’t care as they sit in the road and argue with people who just want to get through.

The highway this roadblock was set up on is in the Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada and is the sole pathway leading to Burning Man. That’s why there’s a huge line of vehicles trying to get through. People trying to go to Burning Man are livid as they try to explain to the protestors they’re “some of the most liberal people around” to which the protestors argue that liberalism isn’t the solution. And there we have it, after an activist in a thick French accent says, “this is a democracy; we have a right to protest.” Irony knows no bounds.  

People are starting to lose all patience for this kind of activist foolishness. This isn’t about changing minds but instead it’s about a minority of people pushing the majority around, no matter if people lose their jobs, have to get to the hospital, or whatever collateral damage is inflicted on the population. After all, these activists believe there are too many of us on the planet anyway.

The barricade in Nevada, before it was vandalized by Burning Man attendees and ultimately crashed to pieces by rangers, featured a mix of messages about climate change alarmism, anti-capitalism, anti-fossil fuels, and anti-economic/population growth. In other words, these people truly are radicals who seem to have overall disdain for human civilization. Is it any wonder they would pull a stunt like this, then play victim?

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