Arkansas Cops PIT A Dodge Charger Police Impersonator

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Just don’t impersonate law enforcement.

Some men want to feel like tough guys by impersonating a cop. This is a tremendously bad idea since you’re going to get caught and when you do the consequences won’t be fun at all. Many police impersonators who try pulling over other motorists buy a Dodge Charger or some other vehicle commonly used by law enforcement, like what the guy in this dashcam footage out of Arkansas allegedly did. Ultimately, he got pitted and arrested.

Watch a cop try to PIT a suspect and wreck himself out instead.

According to a state trooper, the suspect was spotted with flashing blue lights on his dash, which he allegedly used in an attempt to pull over another driver. When the other driver refused, the suspect reportedly blacked out and drove away from the area, likely realizing he might get busted for what’s most definitely illegal.

The victim called police, who started hunting for the black Dodge Charger in the area of SH 181 in Mississippi County. ASP Trooper Joseph Harris spotted a Mopar that matched the description turning from SH 18 onto SH 77, so he activated his real police lights to get the person to pull over. Instead of complying, the guy ran for it.

If you are going to run from ASP, which we highly recommend against, you need to do better than driving around 120 mph while flipping on your right and left turn signals at random. This guy probably thought that would throw the trooper off, but it absolutely didn’t and would’ve been better off pulling over immediately. Instead, the chase was over quicker than most since the suspect must’ve skipped the driving lessons at the police academy.

Thankfully, this guy wasn’t wearing a full mock police uniform, so we don’t know how he planned to convince anyone who did pull over because of his lights that he was in fact law enforcement. Instead, police say they found some marijuana and two catalytic converters “of unknown origin” in the Dodge Charger.

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