Fleeing BMW Gets Beat Down By Cop

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The trooper knocked its tires off!

By now we would’ve thought just about anyone who doesn’t have a Hellcat Redeye or something just as fast would know that running from Arkansas State Police is just a dumb idea. And yet there seems to be no shortage of chase footage. The latest example is this suspect in a BMW making a run from a trooper, then getting pitted into a wall at 128 mph.

Watch a group of women get pitted as they rush to the hospital.

The collision is so violent it knocks the front tires off the BMW, which honestly makes us laugh. Before anyone gets offended at that, nobody made this guy run from the cops. Normal people pull over when an officer turns on his lights and sirens. They also stay put after pulling over, unlike what this guy did. Watching him face the consequences of his actions can be cathartic in a world full of injustice.

Even if you don’t think you did something wrong, running from the police is against the law, so you are committing a crime by fleeing. It’s funny when people who absolutely aren’t even remotely equipped to run from cops try anyway.

Perhaps not everyone who lives in and travels through Arkansas has seen these videos, although we’re not quite sure how. Another explanation is that people like this individual think his car is special and faster than the Chargers ASP uses. We have spoken with some people who believe police Dodge Chargers are incredibly slow and break so much they can’t catch anyone.

There’s also the possibility this Bimmer driver, like so many people, just believes himself to be a superior driver because he played Forza once and did pretty well. So many people overestimate their driving skills, usually with those who brag about being excellent drivers being some of the worst on the road.

Whatever the reason for this guy running and thinking he stood a chance against ASP, it’s pretty funny watching him get taken down so quickly. Check out the dashcam footage for yourself.

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