Someone Beached Their C8 Stingray

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Why would anyone try driving a sports car on the beach?

Every summer we see videos of people who take sports cars on beaches, subsequently getting stuck. This time around it’s a C8 Corvette Stingray in what we believe is Riptide Blue (might be Elkhart Lake Blue?) stuck at Pismo Beach in California.

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As you can see in the included video uploaded to Instagram by corvetteclub, the tide is rising, getting right up to the mid-engine American sports car as a small crowd gathers around to try pushing the Chevy out of the hole the rear tires uselessly dug.

For the brief moment the person who was recording captured the C8 Corvette, it doesn’t move even a little. The situation sure looks dire, especially since we’ve seen other vehicles in this kind of pickle eventually get pulled out into the ocean.

Even if the ‘Vette made it off the beach, the owner will have had to wash the chassis extra well to get all the sand and salt out of every nook and cranny. That is if the guy who’s behind the steering wheel is in fact the owner. Some people believe he rented the C8 and that’s why he was dumb enough to drive it onto the beach.

Just like some other beaches, Pismo is favored by off-road vehicles, but Corvettes definitely don’t fit that profile. Why people think summer, low-profile tires and scant ground clearance are perfect for sand is beyond us. Do they think the sand looks smooth enough they can just glide over it?

The thing with sand is you can sink into it, especially with tires at their normal pressure you would use on the street. But Corvettes don’t come with beadlock wheels or tall sidewalls, plus they send power to only the rear wheels and lack lockers, making them one of the worst rides to use in such conditions.

We could kid ourselves and say we’re helping prevent other people from taking their sports cars, minivans, or whatever other vehicle on the beach that absolutely shouldn’t be there. But this happens every summer and will keep happening.

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