Big Altima Energy Meets A Big Arkansas PIT

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What happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object?

There’s something undeniably different about Nissan Altima drivers. While admittedly some are pretty normal, it’s almost as if the car has a way of bringing out the most aggressive driving habits for most who get behind the wheel. At the same time, many of these tailgating, traffic-weaving, speed-limit-breaking Nissans feature the most clapped-out exteriors on the road, undoubtedly with an interior to match.

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Trying to take on an Altima driver who’s being a road bully isn’t advisable, even for a cop. That’s why it’s so fascinating to watch one of the most aggressive law enforcement agencies featured on YouTube, Arkansas State Police, try to stop some suspects in a stolen Altima.

ASP is famous for its brutal PITs, spinning fleeing suspects out at speed, sometimes causing them to flip or wreck out into a pole/road barrier. When the call came out for assistance with this stolen Nissan Altima in Little Rock, an ASP trooper took the lead and quickly got into position for the PIT.

However, after successfully spinning the Nissan, the young driver is able to keep on going. The stolen car is out of the frame after it initially spins out, so we can’t see exactly what happened. But we actually don’t need to see, because we know exactly what took place: Big Altima Energy.

That’s right, the same force that causes a 42-year-old father of three on his way home from work to drive like he’s in the middle of a stock car race, or that possess an 18-year-old girl to almost run a granny in her Kia off the road is obviously the explanation for why the PIT didn’t bring this pursuit to a close.

Further proof comes as the Altima exits the freeway and speeds the wrong direction on a one-way road. As it reaches different intersections at high speeds, the Nissan repeatedly bottoms out, sparks from the chassis striking the pavement hard shooting out like some mini fireworks show. Yet the car doesn’t break. Altimas never break, even when they look fit for a junkyard.

It isn’t until the young thieves dump the Nissan and take off on foot that they’re caught. That’s just youthful foolishness on their part. Had they stayed in the Altima, there’s no doubt nothing could’ve stopped them, just like the Altimas you see during your daily commute.

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