Janky Mustang Gets Taken Down By Arkansas Trooper

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That is one beat-on pony!

A lot of people who have expired registrations, active warrants, or other reasons to fear getting pulled over by police think that turning off the road once a cop gets behind them won’t seem suspicious at all. This reminds us of a little kid who won’t show his hands to his mother because he has some contraband candy in his sweaty palms, yet he thinks hiding them behind his back is so very clever. Cops are wise to this trick and have been for some time, yet this guy in his janky Mustang that looks like it’s been in a few fender benders without getting necessary repairs still tries it.

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This scenario played out on August 26 in North Little Rock, Arkansas as the state trooper saw the Mustang roll on past it at a T intersection. After the suspect couldn’t keep his two-tone pony on the road, the trooper got suspicious there might be some intoxication or maybe distraction going on.

At the same time, we’re sure the suspect was getting nervous because a cop started following him. When an officer/deputy/trooper starts making all the same turns as you, just know they’re likely calling in your plate and getting ready to pull you over. That isn’t the time to panic and do something to give them a reason to arrest you.

We’d automatically question the taste and judgement of someone driving a Mustang that looks like this one. This guy doesn’t subvert our expectations, deciding to low-speed run from the trooper when he activates his lights and sirens.

Is he trying to get away? Does he know where he is? What’s his plan? We have so many questions.

Just as the guy tries to really open up the throttle on his V8, and the trooper keeps up with him, he suddenly decides to just stop and give up. Maybe he realizes running will only make things worse? After all, adding some more dents to his rather trashed Mustang would be a real shame.

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